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Bhupendra Theory on Global Warming

I often wonder why there is so much hue and cry about global warming. It seems that either we are used to living in some kind of fear or if there is not any, we create one and live with that. Many people exploit our fears and make a living out of them. Global Warming is a well-planned political fear propagated and fed by developed countries in order to suppress the development of poor, underdeveloped and developing countries so that the monopoly of developed countries is maintained. Global warming will soon surpass all previous records of fear mongering and if anybody found talking against this politically motivated agenda will likely become target of criticism and possibly more dire consequences. The outcome will be the imposing of economic sanctions on developing countries, leading to an increase in suffering in underprivileged societies. Developed countries will not compromise in reducing their industrialization, fuel control and other measures deemed necessary to slow down the so-called fast deteriorating conditions as far as global warming is concerned. It would be more appropriate and encouraging if developed countries who are the biggest contributors of global warming, instead of penalising the poor underdeveloped and developing countries, set an example by shutting down some of their ambitious energy plants and industrial units and help in curbing and slowing down the fast deteriorating environmental conditions. It will definitely help a great deal in slowing the engulfing monster of so called global warming in the present scenario. It has become trendy to discuss global warming and to express our knowledge and awareness with the current situation. It is becoming fashionable to talk about global warming in modern society to influence people and to show how well-read and informed the person is. It is also an interesting current topic and if one doesn’t take part in such discussions and projections, is either considered ignorant, short-sighted, or not seen to bother about future generation.

In fact, global warming is a natural phenomenon and a part of our constant gradual progressive evolution and no one can stop it, as it is inevitable. I assure you that all living beings will gradually adapt to living in whatever environmental situation we will face in the future. No wonder many of us are going through osteoporosis, making our bones more porous so that they become lighter in density and more capable of floating in the water, as many areas of our planet will be submerged in the water, and all living creatures will have to pass through a transformation to be able to survive. Many new creatures will emerge out of our present species and there will be new fauna and flora more fit to survive in that changed environment. All the fauna and flora are getting ready for a gradual metamorphosis and have in fact, already started adapting to face the environmental changes in the future. These changes are not coming so soon, as it will take thousands or even millions of years and the changes will be very gradual, accompanied by an unnoticed adaptation that it will not be painful. Who knows due to a total change the physiology of living beings whether carbon dioxide or any other new gas will be needed to survive, rather than oxygen as it is true in today’s environmental context. So even pollution, which is a matter of great current concern may turn out to be necessary for survival, and it may not be considered pollution at that time. Pollution is not a matter of concern for many insects, worms, other species of a plant and animal kingdoms as they are born out of so called polluted environment, and need that condition to survive. I wouldn’t be surprised if so much change occurs in the habitat of living creatures that they don’t need any air to survive, due to their total changed physiological systems. Those who are fittest will survive by changing inwardly as well as outwardly the shape and form of their body. Believe me the changes will be a totally metamorphic.

History has repeatedly witnessed that whenever there is a height of civilization and advanced development in many areas, it doesn’t take long for that civilization to collapse, either due to natural calamity, unnatural disasters, or even the barbaric activities of some communities. Whenever any nation or society reaches the peak of its development it collapses to bring back the ecological and status balance. This is necessary to bring about the changes needed to maintain equilibrium on the planet, while providing opportunities for others. As per Indian archaeological surveys especially in the light of evidence found in Mohenjo Daro and Harappa about 7000 years back, India was at its height of civilization and very advanced spiritually and also technologically, but due to barbaric attitudes and the destructive mentality of some communities and other earthly changes, including earth-quakes and volcanic eruptions, everything collapsed and now India is crawling back to its former glory.