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Acupuncture and Waste-End Products

Published in British Journal of Acupuncture Volume 7, No. 1, 1984

The skin of all living beings is covered by numerous tiny pores which not only help in breathing but also play a great role in the excretion of various poisonous substances and chemicals which are by products of the complex metabolism in the body. These are liberated in the form of end-products, which cannot be isolated from the sweat also or even from the different excretions of the skin because they are released in fine gaseous form continuously at a very high velocity. Their chemistry is yet to be established.

It is suggested that there exists a separate system other than lymphatics, blood vessels, and the nervous system through which these finer gaseous end-products are liberated and that they form an energetic body outside the physical body which has already been demonstrated by Kirlian photography. This separate system can be compared with reflex action and the reflex arc, which acts much faster to save the body from various external and internal stimuli. The outside energy body which is formed by the high speed liberation of waste end-products (WEP), is connected with the internal organs of the body and so there is always a contact with the cosmic energy.

Defence Systems

The body of every living being is under constant stress and strain due to exogenous and endogenous irritants. Exogenous factors include heat, cold, dust, bacteria and viruses. Endogenous factors include anxiety, anger, fear, emotions, mental stress and strains and different enzymes produced by the intake of various food particles. So whenever there is any irritant or stimulus to the body whether it is exogenous or endogenous, there starts a defence mechanism in the body to protect it self or to overcome their effects, in the form of antigen and antibody reactions which produce many different types of complex chemicals, depending upon the type of stimulus and the organ or the system of the body involved.

However, it is now realized that different irritants not only release histamine, but also other substances such as 5-hydroxytryptamine (5HT) (from platelets) and polypeptides, such as the pain-producing, vasodilator ‘Kinins’ from plasma. When injury occurs, capillary walls become sticky on the inside; platelets adhere, disintegrate and release 5-HT. At the same time capillary permeability increases, probably at first due to histamine release and later to activation of protein permeability factor in plasma. 5-HT is a vasoconstrictor (hence its name ‘serotonin’) but in high concentrations it produces vasodilatation; the plasma kinins are vasodilators. Kallidin is a polypeptide hormone formed by Kallikrein through the hydrolysis of a fragment of the polypeptide chain of a blood protein. Two varieties have been identified: Kallidin I (bradykinin), containing 9 amino acids, and kallidin II, containing 10. There are also many more chemicals produced in the body depending upon the nature of the stimuli and the organ involved.

Now what happens to these chemicals in the body? These chemicals are neither reabsorbed by the blood nor are they excreted from the body through sweat, urine or stool, but in fact they are further broken down into smaller and still smaller molecular forms, and are finally liberated from the body through numerous tiny pores of the skin in finer gaseous form after passing from either fine arterioles or specific networks.

Capillary Tone

These complex chemicals increase the permeability of the capillaries. Compared with the total number of capillaries present in a muscle the numbers which normally contain blood is very small. If the capillaries all over the body relax (as after the injection of a large dose of histamine), they retain so much blood within them that after they have become filled very little blood is available to reach the veins. As a result circulatory failure ensues. Normal capillary tone is thus important. In vigorous exercise the muscular capillaries, it is true, relax, and can retain a great deal more blood, but then the blood flow to the muscles is greatly increased partly by the greater vis a tergo transmitted via the dilated arterioles in the muscles themselves. The capillary tone is controlled by local physical and chemical agencies and these complex chemicals are further broken down in the form of WEP and are liberated from the body.

As the body is under constant exposure to different stimuli like the sun, dust, bacteria, viruses, colds, injuries, emotions, anxiety, tension, and anger, it is constantly producing different types of chemicals depending upon the organ involved and the type of irritant. End products in finer gaseous form not only produce energy and give a protective covering to the body, but also form an aura or halo around the body which has already been demonstrated by a Russian Kirlian couple, who have photographed living beings under very high frequency high voltage electric fields and have demonstrated energy flames from the numerous points on the skin. These are nothing but fast liberating WEP in gaseous form at a very high velocity. Those end-products, which are not able to be converted into gaseous form, are excreted in the form of sweat, urine, breath secretions from the nasopharynx, and stool. Some patients suffering from some specific diseases liberate a distinct smell, which is due to the particular type of WEP liberated due to that specific disease. A healthy person smells different to a sick person. Some diseases can be diagnosed by a characteristic smell which is due to WEP produced as a result of that disease process. Every person liberates different types of WEP depending upon their food habits, their surroundings, and the stimuli to which they are exposed.

Healthy Halo

In an healthy person this process is continuously going on to form a healthy uniform halo around the body which, when the pores are patent, gives the bright and attractive look of a healthy body. In a sick person where there is excess production of end-products, certain chemicals and some pores are blocked so the end-products are not liberated from them. There are certain channels for different end-products and separate pores for their liberation connected to specific internal organs. This is the same integrated system, other than blood vessels, lymphatic and the nervous system which has been demonstrated by Koreans using, and is called Kyungrak system. These are the same meridians or channels of different internal organs of the body as described in acupuncture books. This system forms networks in the body which interconnect with each other at certain specific points called Luo-connecting points. Whenever there is a very strong stimulus affecting certain internal organs there is excess production of certain end-products which results in blockage of their specific channels and so the pores on the skin, as a result of overcrowding. And here is where the disease starts. Now the body again tries to compensate, and these excessive end-products are directed to other channels through collaterals so that they can pass and can be eliminated from the body. If stimuli are not very strong the disease is over-powered by the body and the patient will recover. But if the stimuli are stronger, there is so much over production of WEP that other channels also start getting blocked and so do the pores or acu-points. When acupuncture is done on these points, the blockage is cleared and the WEP start to be liberated and the patient feels better and the disease is cured. Some acupuncture points get discoloured or nodular depending upon the type and nature of WEP. Whenever there are any tender or painful points, the patient’s hands or fingers reflexly seek them and apply pressure, which relieves the pain because WEP underneath these points gets dispersed for a while. The same purpose is served by massage which gives relief to the patient.

Specific WEP

Different nature of WEP are liberated through some specific channels and points, for example WEP produced by painful stimuli are mainly liberated from Hoku (LI 4) and Neitting (St 44) which is why on puncturing these points, the patient gets relief from pain. Those WEP which are produced by a so called allergic reaction or particular types of stimuli affecting specific organs, are mainly liberated from the point Xuhai (Sp 10) and Sanyinjiao (Sp 6), so they are used in acupuncture for treating allergic diseases and so on. In allergic rashes and urticaria the skin gets swollen which helps in the dilation of skin pores, so helps in the liberation of accumulated WEP. Itching further helps in the liberation of WEP by dispersing them underneath the skin. Urticaria or swollen skin is due to over-accumulation of WEP at the site.

The Back-shu and Mu-front points are those points which are in direct connection with specific internal organs from where WEP produced are first liberated, and so in disease of these organs they are the first to get blocked and get tender, discoloured, pigmented, or nodular, depending upon the nature of the stimuli and the organ involved. Bahui (GV 20) is in direct connection with all the points and channels so this is also liable to get partially or fully blocked since it connects every organ and system of the body. That is why every patient with any type of disease is mentally lethargic, irritated, confused, or having mental tension or headache. By tracing the disturbed aura of the body we can not only find out the type of irritant or cause and nature of the disease, but also the organ involved, allowing the disease to be fully and properly treated.

When there is much over-production of complex chemicals in the body and all are not able to be converted to WEP, they are partially excreted from the body in the form of sweat or urine, which is why in these cases the patient sometimes sweats, urinates or even defecate more in order to speed elimination.

Blockage of Bahui

Some people faint or even become comatose as Bahui (GV 20) is suddenly blocked because of the overcrowding of WEP. The quickened breathing or breathlessness is also a way of excreting over-accumulated waste products from the body. Whenever there is a blockage of WEP, besides affecting the organ from where they are liberated they also affect locally where they are blocked.

In the case of continuous long standing exposure to certain irritants or stimuli WEP are produced in the body and when not able to come out from one network and its corresponding pores or points, they change their pathway to another channel which effects the necessary elimination. But when WEP are very much in excess they shift to another channel, and thus keep changing channels, and affecting different organs until they are liberated. Disease thus becomes chronic and the patient feels worse and worse.

How Acupuncture Works?

If the correct combinations of acupuncture points are stimulated, helping to liberate the accumulated WEP patient feels better. In long standing cases repeated acupuncture is done in order to release all WEP since they have been accumulated for a long time and their production is still in progress because due to the strong stimuli. As WEP are slowly liberated from the point through proper acupuncture, the patient continues to feel better.

Why Repeated Acupuncture is required?

There are some diseases which have become chronic due to the constant exposure to certain stimuli, which causes a vicious cycle to occur as different organs become involved and produce different forms of WEP to the same stimuli. In order to heal the patient repeated acupuncture treatment is needed to liberate all excess long-standing storage of WEP. Regular acupuncture treatment prevents further accumulation of WEP in response to the stimuli until the original irritant is eradicated. In some chronic cases long term acupuncture is required in well phased intervals as a maintenance course.

Why Acupuncture May Occasionally Fail?

If a proper diagnosis is not established and the correct combination of points is not selected for acupuncture with the help of pulse diagnosis, the patient may fail to respond to the treatment. Acupuncture has to be done only on those points which are blocked due to overcrowding of WEP to get a good response.

Can a Patient Feel Better by Puncturing Non-Acupuncture Points?

It has been noticed that if non-established acupuncture points are punctured or if a point is not correctly located and punctured the patient still feels better. The reason is that if that point is partially blocked or even if it is clear, it becomes more patent as a result of treatment thus helping in the faster liberation of WEP and so naturally patient feels better for the time being, as WEP are released.

How Ageing Comes?

The liberation of WEP is a continuous process, and after decades the potency decreases, leading to blockage since some WEP get deposited around the pores, and so the capacity for liberating WEP is reduced and there starts a very slow accumulation of WEP in the body, which results in the damaging and weakening of internal organs, and that is how ageing sets in slowly.

Effect of Bathing on WEP Elimination

After a bathing these numerous pores are opened as a result of friction, rubbing of the body, and water current WEP start liberating faster at a very high velocity, and a perfect aura or halo is formed around the body, thus giving a bright and fresh look. The person also feels light and energetic as there is a clear passage for the accumulated WEP to be released. Through the high velocity liberation of WEP an energy body is formed just outside the physical body which further protects it from other ailments. A diseased person is more prone to illness when the energy body is not properly formed to protect them from many other irritants.

The different effects of acupuncture based on Bhupendra Theory of Waste End Products will be discussed as follows.

Analgesic Effects of Acupuncture

How this theory explains the analgesic effects of acupuncture has already been discussed. Acupuncture analgesic effects are so much so that in certain operations when some specific points are also punctured other than Hoku and Neitting, the patient does not feel pain during the surgery. These are those points which are in direct connection with the source of maximum WEP liberation of painful stimuli from the organ which is to be operated upon. When these points are punctured and stimulated they help in liberation of excess WEP which are being produced due to the painful stimulus of the organ. Local anaesthetic agents open all the local pores to help in the liberation of all WEP produced by surgery, so that patient does not feel pain.

Sedative Effects of Acupuncture

When the excess WEP. produced by the excitatory nature of the stimuli built up in the body the patient feels irritated, excited, and there is a loss of sleep, etc. The maximum liberation of WEP of this nature is through Bahui (GV 20) and Shenman (Ht 7). When these points are acupunctured, the accumulated WEP are released and thus the patient feels quiet, calm, and sedated.

Homoeostatic Effects of Acupuncture

Some points on the body continuously liberate the WEP produced by all types of stimuli, so when they are punctured they become more patent and prevent accumulation of WEP thus giving homoeostatic effects. Sanyinjiao (Sp 6), Zusanli (St 36), Quhai (CV 6) and Quchi (LI. 11).

Improved Immunity Effects of Acupuncture

Some WEP are produced because of bodily reaction due to ageing. As age advances certain types of WEP increase. They are responsible for lowering the resistance of the body when they are fully or partially blocked and the degree of the resistance varies according to the by-products of existing WEP. When certain points, which are so called Immunity Improvement points of the body, such as Quchi (LI. 11), Dazhui (GV 14), Sanyinjiao (Sp 6), Zusanli (St 36), are punctured, they help in the maximum liberation of WEP thus improving the immune system.

Motor Recovery Effects of Acupuncture

Certain WEP produced in the body are very poisonous when retained because of their over-production by special types of irritants or stimuli. These WEP are produced by certain exogenous or endogenous stimuli. When these special types of WEP are blocked, the stagnation gives an effect of motor or sensory loss, or both, depending upon the nature of the stimuli and WEP. Certain points on the body such as Yanglinquan (GB 34) and others, depending upon the part of body involved, when punctured help in the release of these excess WEP which helps in Motor Recovery. Until all the WEP are liberated, motor recovery is not possible.

Research is Essential

It is a very challenging task to catch WEP’s and establishes their individual chemistry. At the Indian Acupuncture Centre, Allahabad, India, work is being carried out to solve this problem, and I request my fellow doctors and scientists from all over the world to come forward and help investigate this process. If the proper chemistry of various WEP is established, it will not only help in reaching the root cause of the disease and its correct eradication, but can also solve many mysteries of the complex human body and its mechanism.

I am sure that the day is not too far off when the existence of WEP and their chemistry will be established and this will change many old concepts and add a new vision to help in understanding the body and its complex mechanism from the beginning once again. It will also help in understanding the aetiology of many diseases where they are still obscure and are referred to incurable diseases. The theory of WEP can help explain all systems of medicine along with their basic healing mechanism. The principles of yoga, asans, osteopathy, and physiotherapy can also be well explained on the basis of this theory. Diagnoses can be made very accurately by photographing the aura and its defects. At the Indian Acupuncture Centre we are trying to develop a machine which can differentiate the energy waves produced by the human body on a magnified graph which can be then transferred to a computer screen enabling all human ailments to be diagnosed. This is something like an electro-cardiogram which diagnoses disease of the heart only, while this machine will diagnose a variety of different diseases of the whole body and their physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual origin.