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Lecturing on Bhupendra Techniques in Perth, Australia, 1990
Lecturing on Bhupendra Techniques in Perth, Australia, 1990

Bhupendra Techniques

These Acupuncture Techniques are developed by Prof. Dr. B. K. Singh based on his western and oriental medical knowledge and thirty-five years of clinical, teaching, and research experience in over forty countries.

Prof. Singh has presented and published research papers in international conferences worldwide and has specialized in the following diseases and disorders by using Bhupendra Techniques, which includes Bhupendra Theories, Points, Scalp Areas, Special Massage and Stimulation Techniques.

Dr Singh has treated over thousands patients world wide suffering from chronic and intractable diseases and disorders of Allergic, Painful, Non-functional, Metabolic, Nervous and Degenerative in nature such as:

Addictions Aging Problems Allergies Alzheimer's Disease Anaemia
Ankylosing Spondylitis Anxiety Aplastic Anaemia Arthritis Asthma
Azoospermia Backache Behaviour disorders Bell's Palsy Body deformities
Breast related problems Calcaneal Spur Carcinomas Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Cerebral Palsy
Cervical Spondylosis Collagen Disorders Cosmetic breast correction Cramps Deafness
Delayed or non–healing fractured neck of the femur Dementia Depression Diabetes Dysmenorrhoea
Epilepsy Fibromyalgia Forgetfulness Frozen shoulder General Fatigue
Goiters Gynaecomastia Hay fever and other allergic conditions Hyper-active bladder Hypertension
Impotence Infertility Insomnia Kidney stones Leucoderma
Menstruation problems Mental retardation Migraine Motor neurone diseases Multiple sclerosis
Muscular Dystrophies Nerve Deafness Neurosis and Panic Attacks Nodular Goiter Obesity
Oedema Optic Atrophy Paralysis Parkinsonism Peptic ulcer
Phantom pain Phobias Poliomyelitis Progressive Muscular Dystrophies. Progressive Pathological Myopia
Prolapsed uterus first degree Psoriasis Retinitis Pigmentosa Schizophrenia Sciatica,
Scleroderma Sinusitis Skin Diseases Speech disorders Spondylosis
Sports injuries Stammering and speech disorders Strokes Tennis and Golf Elbow Tinnitus
Writer’s tremor