A Training, Treatment, Research, & Publication Center for Acupuncture

Meerut, India, 2003
Meerut, India, 2003

Public Educational Seminars and Lectures

  1. Health, Habits, and Happiness
  2. Love, Life, and Loneliness
  3. Sex, Safety, and Satisfaction
  4. Work, Worries, and Wealth
  5. Pain, Pleasure, and Perception
  6. Demanding Body
  7. Origins and Development of Yoga
  8. Scientific aspects of Indian Traditions and Culture
  9. Human Energies and World Disasters
  10. Power of Mind
  11. Western v/s Eastern Medical Philosophies and Concepts
  12. Science, Suffering, and Spiritualism - Bhupendra Theory of "Waste-end Products"
  13. Stress Management
  14. Eat Well, and Worry Less
  15. Love and Respect Yourself
  16. Inner Happiness and Natural Satisfaction
  17. Acupuncture and Health
  18. Acupuncture for seniors
  19. Drugless Management of Pain – Arthritis, Migraine, Backache.
  20. Drugless Treatment of Hypertension and Diabetes
  21. Management of Obesity through Acupuncture
  22. Prevention and Management of Stroke
  23. General Fatigue and Dementia
  24. Acupuncture for Bronchial Asthma
  25. Acupuncture and Yoga
  26. Treatment of Depression and Insomnia
  27. Management of Parkinsonism
  28. Acupuncture Management of Crohn’s Disease
  29. Role of Acupuncture in Indigestion and Constipation
  30. Acupuncture for Nerve deafness and vision problems

The above educational lectures are organized for the benefit of the community on a regular basis in the Academy premises, and also outside in collaboration with national and international Institutes, Philanthropic societies, and service clubs for educating the public about the body, mind, and spiritual connections to the disease process. These lectures will discuss the factors influencing the increasing incidences of the above problems in present society and their drugless treatment through acupuncture, diet, and yoga. The public will also be informed about the basic disease process in individual cases, with examples and other contributing factors such as lifestyle, environmental factors, food habits, and cultural and spiritual beliefs. Lectures will be followed by practical acupuncture and yoga demonstrations and a question and answer session. Special lectures can also being arranged in and outside Vancouver on specific topics on request.