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Treatment of Obesity
Treatment of Obesity

Methods of treatment

There are many different acupuncture methods such as needling, laser-therapy, moxibustion, electrotherapy, cupping, and so on, used as per the patient’s condition and diagnosis.

Preventive medicine

Prof. Singh has done extensive research on how acupuncture can be effectively used to control many diseases and disorders, including the aging process. His work was published in his book "Acuvaccination", which was released in Stockholm, Sweden in 1983. This book was also presented to the Nobel Library, Stockholm, for the purpose of record.

This preventive aspect of acupuncture is, in some ways, more important than the treatment of a patient already ill.

The sensitivity of ancient pulse diagnosis makes it possible to detect minor disturbances which are often undetected by other methods of diagnosis. Regular check-ups with pulse diagnosis once or twice a year will aid in the continuation of good health by detecting these mild physiological weaknesses, and enabling treatment to be administered at an early stage.

If symptoms recur after successful treatment of a disease with acupuncture, the patient should return for further treatment before the symptoms advance.