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Dr. Singh's book release, April 26, 2007
Dr. Singh's book release, April 26, 2007


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Dr. Singh speaking at the book release ceremony at Hotel Lalit, New Delhi on the eve of the republic day of India, 2010

Dr. Singh's text book "Bhupendra Acupuncture Techniques" being released by Dr. Karan Singh

Dr. Singh speaking at the book release ceremony at Hotel Lalit, New Delhi on the eve of the republic day of India, 2010 Dr. Singh's text book "Bhupendra Acupuncture Techniques" being released by Dr. Karan Singh

Bhupendra Acupuncture Techniques (Hard Cover)

570 Pages, Size; 7" x 9.5" $170 U.S., $180 Canadian
570 Pages, Size; 7" x 9.5" $170 U.S., $180 Canadian

Bhupendra Acupuncture Techniques is a unique approach to acupuncture treatment. It Synthesizes the modern western scientific model with the ancient Chinese knowledge and Indian concepts of Nadi, Chakras, and Kundilini yoga to regenerte vitality, promote wellness, and counter the aging process. These techniques help reactivate the body cells and tissues in order to regenerate and reorganize its vital energy in health and disease. This is a perfect example of integrated approach taking best of East and best of West, a beautiful blend of philosophical Eastern ancient knowledge and modern Western scientific concepts.

These techniques are developed by Prof. Dr. B.K.Singh based on his thirty six years of research, and clinical experience from treating thousands of patients worldwide and his medical background of Western scientific approach and Eastern knowledge.This book which is in six parts provide practitioners with enough food for thought and make them better equipped to successfully deal with many known and unknown challenges with an unconventional approach in their daily practice.

This book will take readers on a path of new adventures and concepts which may some time conflict with their pre-existing rigid conceptual framework. The Author's pulse diagnosis techniques and Bhupendra theory of Waste-end Products based on the body aura will amaze the readers. For some it may be an extraordinary eye opening experience to learn about Author's foundation theories and a broader definition and different manifestations of Qi in connection to matter, energy, and consciousness and how it relates to our day-to-day life, disease process and communicating ourselves with universal cosmic energy. Unfortunately in today's world, more and more we are distancing ourselves from spiritualism, we are losing the real flavour of holistic concepts and aaproach. This book also deals with many Bhupendra acupuncture points and stimulation techniques.

Latest Releases

On Thursday, April 26th, 2007 at 5.30 PM - Hyatt Regency, 655 Burrard St, Vancouver, Canada


The latest drama from Dr. B.K. Singh.

The Author has had a lifelong interest in bridging western and eastern concepts of reality. In this, his latest book, he uses story, metaphor, intuition, rational discourse, scientific explanation, and personal experience to weave a tale that may be understood on many levels.

Beneath the surface of "Images" we are invited to reflect on the nature of life and death, the concept of multiple lifetimes, and the possibility of recording and interpreting the multifaceted nature of awareness as it fluctuates in and out of manifestation as a human being.

232 Pages, Size; 7" x 9.5" $10 U.S., $15 Canadian
232 Pages, Size; 7" x 9.5" $10 U.S., $15 Canadian

"Images" is the Author's attempt to explain the nature of energy, matter, and consciousness as it is reflected in the final moments of a dying man. Hidden within a tale of intrigue, gross materialism, and mankind separated from its spiritual source, we are invited to expand our current perception of possibilities inherent within the human journey.

The novel explores the concept of reincarnation and the attempts of a group of scientists and neurologists to record and interpret the flashbacks of a dying person within a non-materialistic viewpoint.

Most of the novel is focused within the setting of an emergency room where an individual is dying from a lethal gunshot wound to the head. The head wound has stimulated a series of flashbacks as the gunshot has traversed a path through the third eye and crown chakra. The team of specialists attempting to save the man's life are gripped with an urgent mission to try to record and interpret the flashbacks through the link between physical and non-physical reality in the form of images on the screen.

ISBN 0-9733743-5-7

Me and My Feelings

156 Pages, Size; 7" x 9.5" $8 U.S., $10 Canadian
156 Pages, Size; 7" x 9.5" $8 U.S., $10 Canadian

A Hindi / English fusion of poems, stories, and thoughts.

"Me and My Feelings" are a compilation of the Author's most recent musings on love. connection, purpose, and the stages of awareness that they leave in their wake. In these poems, the ecstasy of connection and the agony of loneliness are revealed, interspersed with the author's perception of events unfolding around him. It is hoped that the reader will be gently swayed towards the heart and its innate understanding of universal connection, and a little further away from the head, with its desire to lock a rigid reality into place.

ISBN 0-9733743-6-5

Recent Releases

The ceremony "One Author - Many Faces", was held on January 27, 2004 at the Hyatt Regency, Vancouver, Canada. Dr. George Joseph, Consul General of India, Vancouver, was a special guest of honour at the event. Five books on diverse topics were launched, namely Health, Habits and Happiness, A Doctor's Diary, Raising Curtains, Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis, and Mystery by one author at the same time. Below you can find a short summary of these books.

Health, Habits and Happiness (Hard Cover)

266 Pages, Size; 7" x 9.5" $22 U.S., $35 Canadian
266 Pages, Size; 7" x 9.5" $22 U.S., $35 Canadian

Today we are witnessing a tremendous worldwide interest in health and longevity of life. Paradoxically enough, while a great deal has been written regarding the subject, it is disheartening to note that most of the writings are either woefully vague or mere repetitions of already existing thoughts on food values, nutritional concepts, and exercises. In the past three decades a large number of books have been published on health dealing with healthy life, healthy food, healthy living, long life, balanced food, weight control, vitamins, supplements, and so on and so forth.

This book is not just another addition to an already over-loaded library and book fair shelves, but contrary to this, it is a clear departure from the usual writings on the subject. The author has spared no pains to avoid ambiguity and has carefully refrained from introducing material of doubtful value. Instead he has concentrated on giving a clear explanation of the basic principles and practice of health and how to use them in everyday life without becoming obsessed by the idea of perfect health, and while enjoying each and every pleasure of life.

Our normal diet contains enough vitamins and required nutrition, provided our system is healthy and balanced to absorb them in this natural form. We have been dumping into our poor bodies a lot of chemicals in the form of synthetic or processed foods, so called natural supplements and in addition to this, what we eat in day-to-day life is loaded with chemicals used in their production, transportation, and storage such as hormones, fertilisers, fungicides, and bactericides, etc.

The author’s message is crystal clear, i.e., do not get overwhelmed by repetitive ideas from health books, TV shows, write-ups, and advertisments that repeatedly try to dominate your attention. One should refrain from artificial means of living as far as possible, and live in harmony with nature around him. Even using unnecessary natural herbs imported from other countries may give some adverse effects to people living elsewhere, since man is influenced and affected by the plants around him. Local herbs will be more effective and free from side-effects. This book will provide readers with much material for thought and bring them back to a more carefree and natural way of living. There needs to be a drastic change and complete metamorphosis in our present thinking and living style, which has been much modified by many influences, resulting is a more complicated life and the unnecessary sufferings of present times.

The book contains the food values of many eatables and a good account of free-radicals, phytochemicals, saponins, and other nutrients needed and available in our everyday diet. The Author discusses many other factors directly or indirectly influencing our health other than diet and exercise. The book is very valuable for the general public, especially for those who are obsessed by good health and looks and are spending a fortune on health clubs, vitamins, cosmetics and plastic surgery. Health is a balanced state of mind, not merely physical fitness and the freedom from disease.

This book provides sane advice on how to live a happy and healthy life while eating well and worrying less. It discusses factors influencing our health other than diet and exercise, and challenges many misleading concepts which create confusion in the mind of the public. The book will introduce many eye-opening facts and concepts regarding the present health care system in the West.

ISBN 0-9733743-1-4

A Doctor's Diary (Hard Cover)

200 Pages, Size: 5.5" x 8.5" $17 U.S., $27 Canadian
200 Pages, Size: 5.5" x 8.5" $17 U.S., $27 Canadian

For the last several years many well-wishers, patients, and colleagues have been requesting Prof. Dr. Singh to write a book on his extensive international clinical experiences which may not only be interesting to read by the lay person, but may also be very eye-opening and enlightening for many doctors of different disciplines to understand the most complex neurophysiological phenomena of the body and the way it reacts to different forms of treatment.

The author feels highly honoured and privileged to be invited to many countries to chair international conferences, seminars, and to treat many personalities, politicians, business tycoons, film stars, models, sports persons, defence personnel, and members of royal families, during his work-shops and special treatment camps organized periodically around the globe. Over the course of more than three decades of practice in many countries he came across many interesting cases and incidences, and the most fascinating part was his observations of the way the body reacts to various kinds of treatment.

In this book the author has emphasized his personal experiences with Acupuncture, and his special techniques which he developed over the course of many years of clinical experience whilst treating a wide variety of very complex, chronic, and difficult cases all over the world. Often people ask him why he decided to go into this art of healing, especially as Acupuncture, thirty five years ago, was hardly known as an art of healing and was considered as a myth or fringe medicine, particularly for a person like him who is a western medical doctor. The answer to this question is not an easy one for him to reply to, so he always answers that it must have been destiny. It was that, in general, he was not really satisfied with his western medical practice because he felt that he was not doing justice to many of his patients, as in the majority of cases he was merely changing the brand of the medicine or increasing the doses. There was a satisfying part to his western medicine practice when he saved many lives using emergency drugs, fluid transfusions, and also surgery. The author probably wanted, however, to go much further and explore some new dimensions in the field of healing. Suddenly, one fine morning he remembered reading an article on Acupuncture in the Reader’s Digest.

It was in 1968 when he was still a medical student that he read an article on acupuncture in the Readers Digest, and this article gave him the very distinct feeling, which is still very much intact and very much alive within him, that this was something which belonged to him, and that he must further explore this area of healing. At that time there was hardly any literature on the subject, but he kept trying hard, as best he could, given his busy medical practice, to gain as much knowledge as he could from different sources, including some traditional village healers and Indian tribes. As has been rightly said, “if there is a will, there is a way”. The author was able to trace someone who was able to give him some preliminary knowledge on the subject, but that was not enough to satisfy his curiosity. Later, he visited many places in India and other countries such as China, Hong-Kong, Singapore, Japan, Sri-Lanka, England, Sweden, and many other far-eastern and European countries to satisfy his thirst for knowledge for this art of healing. The author gained as much knowledge as he could and started integrating acupuncture treatment with his existing western medical practice.

As a very strong-headed western doctor, the author’s logical mind, trained in western concepts, found it difficult to accept this form of treatment, which required only a few needles to be stuck in various parts of the body without any medication. Seeing, however, is believing, and when results started coming in, along with the faith of his patients in him, it made him believe that this form of treatment really works, and so he was encouraged to go further and form an Indian Acupuncture center for treating patients. Later, he founded an International Institute of Acupuncture in 1981with his many friends in Germany, Paris, England, Sweden, and Sri Lanka. The basic idea of forming an institute was to bring together the entire acupuncture community under one umbrella in order to discuss and communicate their experiences and learn from one another.

This book does not discuss the history and ups and downs of Acupuncture, but specifically deals with many interesting patients, their response to treatment, and the possible rationale and conclusions derived from the case history, in the hopes of providing food for thought to the many healers of the world, no matter which system of medicine they belong to. The names and places of these patients are not real for the sake of privacy.

The author is based in Vancouver, Canada, where he is President and Dean of the International Academy of Bhupendra Techniques, teaching Acupuncture and his own techniques. He is an international speaker on Acupuncture and health matters. He has published many books and over one hundred research papers.

This book is based on a doctor's extensive clinical experiences over a period of 35 years treating patients all over the world in over 40 countries. This book will be an interesting read, for both doctors and the general public alike.

ISBN 0-9733743-2-2

Raising Curtains (Hard Cover)

152 Pages, Size: 5.5"x 8.5" $11 U.S., $17 Canadian
152 Pages, Size: 5.5"x 8.5" $11 U.S., $17 Canadian

Society is the crystal clear mirror of each person, his changing emotions, the surroundings he is living in, and that which he perceives through the reflection. Every person sees his own image, i.e., what he really is, with his changing moods and behaviours, and not what he tries to project, through the mirror of society. Whatever he gives to society, the very same he gets back, which is often not to his expectation. But that remains the truth and the real picture of that moment. Every person not only sees his image in the mirror of society but also his projections and reactions to the images of his surroundings, to which he reacts in a very individualistic way, as per his own character, cultural background, and constitution.

Poets, writers, and philosophers are very sensitive individuals, as they think and perceive differently, and so are often misfits in society and are not generally accepted because of their open and unconventional opinions. And these are people who feel, react, and respond very deeply to the slightest fluctuations in the world, to the extent that often they become restless and uncomfortable; this comes out in the form of words shaping into poetry or classical writings. These individuals’ projected writings often compel many to think and analyse a situation from a completely different perspective, sometimes creating a revolution or uproar in society, and bringing changes for good in favour of the masses.

The poet has attempted to reflect in a very simple way the feelings that come to him as a result of his interaction with many different individuals, some directly connected to him, and some whose circumstances and sufferings touched him indirectly. He is just a practicing healer and teacher, and in no way considers himself as even close to the category of highly sensitive individuals such as poets, writers, and philosophers. He could not however resist the overwhelming feelings that insisted on expressing themselves as different scenarios unfolded around him and impinged upon his consciousness.

It is hoped that his poetries will inspire the readers to think differently. If even one person perceives the image that he wishes to convey to contemporary society then he will feel that his attempt is worthwhile. He would love to hear from his readers and their reactions, which would be a very valuable asset in helping him to improve his writing.

331 Pages, Size: 5.5" x 8.5  $17 US, $27 Canadian
331 Pages, Size: 5.5" x 8.5 $17 US, $27 Canadian

This book encompasses both medical poetry and poetry reflecting the human experience with its accompanying emotional states such as love, hate, frustration, joy, pain, temptation, greed, power, primitive instincts, and war games in our present materialistic society.

ISBN 0-9733743-0-6

Mystery (Hard Cover)

This very interesting and complex mystery story is set in two English cities - London and Oxford. The story extends to Scotland, Cornwall, Angola, and to an unknown Island. It deals with the basic human instincts of greed and insecurity leading to crime. The story has many unexpected twists and turns, and will keep you guessing until the end. This book is more or less in the form of a play, and the author intends to make a movie based on this story.

ISBN 0-9733743-4-9

Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis (Hard Cover)

This book is largely based on traditional Chinese medicine knowledge accumulated over thousands of years and its foundation is the collective work and experience of many Chinese scholars written in a classic book about the third century B.C. The Author has also shared some of his own experiences on pulse diagnosis gathered during his practice of more than three decades in about forty countries. His first book on this most interesting, but controversial, aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine was released in 1982, to an appreciative audience during a World Acupuncture Conference.

It is unfortunate to observe that in the glitter of modern sophisticated and advanced diagnostic tools, we are forgetting our old time-tested diagnostic methods such as palpation, percussion, olfaction, and auscultation. One should not forget that the present is based on the strong foundation of past experience and knowledge. Without a strong foundation a building shakes and soon collapses.

296 Pages, Size: 7" x 9.5" $50 US., $80 Canadian
296 Pages, Size: 7" x 9.5" $50 US., $80 Canadian

The Author feels that we have become dependent to a great extent on modern technological equipment and highly sophisticated diagnostic procedures, and these have served us up to a point. Unfortunately, however, some of these procedures may not only damage our bodies in one way or another, but can also be expensive and time-consuming. The problem with relying on technology to too great an extent is that is the physician may lose touch to a great degree with his clinical sense.

Medical tests in general only give a snapshot of the body at one particular instant in time, while the atoms and molecules of the body are in a state of constant flux. How accurate is it to then generalize this snapshot to the body’s functioning in the broader sense? Unfortunately our Western concept of body functioning is segmentally oriented, and there has been much emphasis on isolating the disease structurally to the various organs of the body, without taking into account that the body functions as one unit in proper coordination, beautifully inter-linked, interdependent, and with constant communication between each system both in health and in crisis. How often are we able to make a timely right diagnosis, and how many treatments are prescribed on a symptomatic basis, without establishing any diagnosis in general clinics and hospitals?

The twelve pulses described in Chinese medicine represent the twelve viscera of the body and reflect the slightest physiological and pathological changes constantly occurring in the body. The physician takes the patient’s pulse reading every day before and after each treatment to assess the result of the treatment at every stage, whether it is improving or deteriorating. This practice is not routinely done, nor possible in the Western medical system, due to multiple factors.

An accurate diagnosis is the keynote for successful treatment. It is impossible to treat a person without a correct diagnosis; it is like hitting in the dark. Though this rule of correct diagnosis for a successful treatment applies in all systems of medicine, it is especially valuable in acupuncture because by the pulse not only can the physician diagnose disease, but he can also find out the role of yin and yang and excess or deficiency of the viscera, which is very important for the correct stimulation of points and successful treatment.

For example, there are various different types of bronchial asthma according to the Chinese system of medicine, and each type of asthma requires a different combination of points to be stimulated, as per the root cause, for a successful eradication of the problem. If the aim of a medical science is to root out the cause of a disease, there is no method that can surpass pulse diagnosis, which not only helps in isolating the main causative factor of the disease, but also helps in the selection of acupuncture points, methods, and techniques of treatment.

One can appreciate the importance of pulse diagnosis in the field of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, without which a physician can make a case worse rather than giving relief. If an accurate diagnosis is made, a fewer number of acupuncture points are required and give better results, rather than giving a larger number of points which may not make much difference.

During his thirty five years of practice, many patients with different chronic diseases have been cured by Dr. Singh puncturing fewer, or even only one point. Some patients require a thread, a ring of silver, copper, or even gold, in the ear and others aquapuncture (point injection) or catgut suturing on certain points, which provides sustained and constant stimulation, whilst saving the patient’s time, money, and inconvenience involved in regular visits to the clinic.

The Author has observed that many traditional acupuncturists in India are still performing very successful ear acupuncture by puncturing one or two points and putting a copper or silver ring in the ear. With this method, no sophisticated machinery is required, and the results are excellent in curing many acute and chronic diseases.

The Author also touches briefly on Ayurvedic and Western pulse diagnosis, while emphasising their importance in medical practice. In this book he discuses only the Chinese method of pulse diagnosis and its interpretations, and he hopes that it will serve its purpose in helping both the experienced and the novice practitioner to learn the finer nuances of pulse diagnosis.

This book covers the complete diagnostic system of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a particular focus on pulse diagnosis. This will serve as a very useful resource for both the novice practitioner and the expert alike. The contents may also be helpful and informative for practitioners in other medical disciplines. The book also covers the Philosophy of Taoism and provides a comparative study of Classical Chinese Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the Modern Western Medical System. It contains many charts and illustrations for quick and easy reference.

ISBN 0-9733743-3-0